Beard Hair Transplantation

Author Dr. Ozgur Oztan, HLC Clinic, Ankara


Title: Beard Hair Transplantation



In the circumstances scalp grafts are not sufficient to use as donor for hair transplantation, body hair and especially beard grafts are considered and proven to be a good second option to use as donor.
Some of the example cases in which beard grafts can be used as donor are with patients who are a Norwood 6 & 7 and or with patients  suffering from scars as a result of  previous  poor hair transplantation.
Beard hair transplantation has several difficulties  because of the area which consist of a complex anatomic structure.  Whereby there is an insufficiency of tumescence.
To solve one of these mentioned difficulties I have  been motivated to design the bifurcated needle.
This needle is not designed for rotation.
It has 2 edges, with which one of these edges the needle can be fixed on the skin. Instead of rotating the needle in to the skin, the skin can be entered by inserting in one move.
Therefore the difficulty of sliding while trying to enter the skin is not a complication anymore. 
As a finding it can be concluded that with this bifurcated needle the graft can be encircled without sliding and therefore without harming the graft.

Full presentation available during the Ankara May 2017 FUE Europe convention

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