Donor Management in FUE


Author Dr. P. MWAMABA, MyWHTC Clinic

Title: Donor Management in FUE 


FUE is the latest technique in hair field. However, we have seen a substantial increase in patients demand for the technique which pushed many clinics to embrace this wonderful mini invasive technique in hair transplant surgery.

Unfortunately, we started to see the pitfalls of this new technique due to a lack of understanding of donor area management.
We will review first the basics principles of hair transplant surgery.
It is a transfer of hairs or follicles from donor area supposed to be a permanent area to a bald area called recipient area.
The recipient area is a growing area with time.
The donor area in opposition is limited. It doesn't change and with time it may even reduce in size.
The second part of the presentation will address the problematic of repair damaged donor area by FUE.
It is a fact on our daily practice we start to see more and more bad donor area from FUE.
I will suggest different ways I am treating them in my clinic.

I will conclude with a “take home” message:
Take time to learn the technique and the basics of hair transplant surgery.
I will also encourage FUE Europe to find the best training program to lead their members or attendees toward them.



Second Title from Dr. Patrick Mwamba: Manual vs Motorized FUE in Black Patients


FUE in black patient is a challenge in many aspects, some of them being:

  1. Harvesting the grafts .I will review in theory different options available today.
  2. Post op care and complications. 

I will show video of how I perform the FUE technique manually and with the WAW machine.


Full presentations available during the Ankara May 2017 FUE Europe convention

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