Minimally-invasive Hair Transplantation - Hardcover & e-Book, edition 2015

A book for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and endocrinologists that contains all the information about the research&development methods of follicular unit extraction (FUE) in hair transplant.
This book approaches the basics as well as the advanced ins and outs of this minimally invasive technique for single hair transplantation, while providing important information on psychological factors in hair loss as well as for patient education purposes.
The reader can learn about the prevention of complications and a strong strain of the donor area and the opportunities for subsequent correction treatments and is offered the chance to secure an aesthetic result through precise planning, area measurement and assessment of potential patients and the requires number of grafts.
The book is currently available in the German language although a professional translation into the English language will be available in the near future.

Author: Dr. Reza Azar
Excerpts of the book and purchasing information can be found here

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