Just a few rules
We try to operate as unbureacratic as possible. However, we believe specific requirements are needed and should be followed, especially when it comes to the way we portray ourselves in media.
As such, we developed several topics we think are essential in assuring an objective and impartial editorial netiquette.

Editorial requirements for visual media and textual content advertising

Publishing any form of advertising on the organization web site does not construe the endorsing of your services or products by us, in any way, explicitly or otherwise implied.
Offensive or denigrating content is strictly prohibited.
The official language of the organization is English and as such all promotional materials must be written in English, as main language and then translated in other languages. Translations must reflect the English version accurately and precisely.

The content must comply with the following requirements:
1)    The use of superlatives is allowed only in specific constructions.
For example, you should refrain from using wording such as
<the best>, <number 1>, <the finest>, <the most>, <the greatest>  when referring to your products, services, medical facility, techniques, prices.

2)    Subjective conditional comparatives and phrasing like
<possibly one of the best ... in the region>, <probably / likely one of the most ... in its class>  are allowed only when accompanied by attributes, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions using modal constructions that indicate that something is possible but not certain and only when they are not used in direct reference to other competitors.  

3)    Comparatives such as <better than>, <greater than>, <larger than>, <finer than>, <more than>, should be used only when referring to your own products, services, medical facility, techniques, results or prices, compared to your own previous versions, prices, results, etc.

4)    Direct or covert comparison between your products, services, medical facility, techniques, results or prices with other competitors is not permitted.

Link placements in textual ads
Links are allowed as follows: for full-page advertorials, maximum of 3 links; for marketplace, newsletter and sponsors page, 1 link only.
Banner files are stored locally, on our servers. When forwarding your media materials, make sure it is properly tested before sending it.
Optionally, our design team can create banners and text advertising for you (consult the rate card for pricing details).
When using Flash banners, you must provide a so-called Flash fall-back image, for devices that do not support Flash animations. Please make sure the fall-back image is a good snapshot of the main message you want to deliver to the audience, and not an empty image.

Landing pages
Landing pages must be opened in a new window, by using the tag  _target=”blank”.
We recommend using a relevant landing page, which is representative for the message you want to promote.
The content of the editorial materials is checked by our team, and only if it complies with our standards, it will be approved and published on the site. In case we detect specific inconsistencies, we reserve the right to pause or defer the ad until the issue is resolved.

Terms and conditions for using copyrighted materials
The FUE Europe Registered Member logo and the FUE Europe logo are the property of the organization.
The use of the FUE Europe Registered Member logo is allowed while you or the entity you represent is registered with the FUE Europe organization.
Registered membership with FUE Europe entails that you or the entity you represent has paid the yearly contribution for the current period.
Once the membership is canceled, the profile is deactivated from the organization's web site. We kindly request you to remove the logo from your web site as well.

The FUE Europe Registered Member logo must be used for its intended purpose, only; this means that FUE Europe is not endorsing or sponsoring you or the entity you represent, its claims, policy or results, in any commercial way.
The use of the FUE Europe logo is allowed when express permission has been given and only for the purposes and the duration which are agreed upon.
Placement of advertising
Advertising banners are placed site-wide*, on the right column and can are displayed either in rotating mode or in permanent show mode.

* due to the site’s configuration, banners can not be displayed on the homepage

Reservation of display positions
We offer two types of banner display:

1) rotating mode show, in which your banner is shown in intervals of 10 seconds after which another banner is loaded and displayed for 10 seconds;

2) permanent show, in which your banner is not rotated with other banners, hence it is shown constantly on every page.

Permanent show has priority versus rotating mode show.
If any of the positions is occupied with a permanent show, we can offer you the rotating mode in that spot only after the contracted period has expired. Please note that after the contracted period has expired, the previous client has priority on claiming the same position.

Payments and publishing of materials
All materials are published after the payment of the service is received, in full.

Thank you for your understanding.
For questions or technical assistance, please contact us.


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