Training Programs by Alliance Partners

Specialized FUE Hair Transplant Training Centers are now able to post their educational offer and to attract new talents, by collaborating with FUE Europe.

The organizations makes such services available to Training Centers that meet specific criteria. Contact our team for details regarding participation costs and other requirements.


Hair Line Clinic, Ankara - Turkey

The learning center located at the HLC clinic in Ankara, provides excellent opportunities for professional training.
Under the supervision and direction of Dr. Özgür Öztan and Dr. John Cole, the participants will learn how to master the art of manual and motorized FUE hair restoration, as well as the correct and efficient application of PRP treatments.
This modern formation center is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and tools, offering the finest teaching / learning experience, for both tutors and pupils, alike.
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SiTri, Italy

For professionals fluent in Italian, there are courses available at Tutored by some of the finest Italian lecturers, such as Dr. Andrea Marliani, Dr. Paolo Gigli, Dr. Vincenzo Gambino, Dr. Gaetano Agostinacchio and other prominent professors, the course offer interesting insights into this medical field.

The practitioner will acquire the knowledge and skills that will help him or her master the basics of  the scalp and hair diseases and will be gain ability to give not only the right diagnosis, but also to offer aesthetic advice, based on scientific evidence. For more details (Italian language) visit



Learning programs for aspiring hair transplant surgeons


The REACH Program for practitioners

The REACH Program offers junior members and complete beginners alike, the possibility to attend short-term, affordable, high quality live operation sessions with the established practitioners in the field of hair transplant, during and/or outside the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe Symposia.

The REACH Program is designed to allow access for short periods of time to visiting doctors, usually up to 2 consecutive days, to the intimate details of extraction, separation, preparation and implanting, as performed by some of the most skilled surgeons in FUE or FUT.

During your stay at the clinic, you can experience side-by-side an ordinary day in the life a patient - surgeon, you can observe, assist and ask questions about specific facts.

REACH should be regarded as an opportunity to discover techniques, clarify challenging aspects and request guidance.


The YMS - Young Masters Program for long-term training

For long-term traineeship, we recommend exploring the options offered by the Young Masters Program.

The Young Masters Program allows driven professionals to benefit of a long-term hands-on practice and education, with some of the finest European hair transplant surgeons.

Whether you decide to specialize in body hair transplants, eye brows, beard correction, hair line design, high-density scalp coverage or scalp micropigmentation, our team can assist aspiring professionals in taking the first steps towards finding a learning venue that is suitable for your professional development budget.

Due to the intensive nature of the course, the Young Masters Program is suitable for dedicated and resilient professionals, willing to invest significant personal time as well as financial resources, to gain the proficiency and finesse required by well-performed and aesthetically-pleasing hair transplant.

To explore the best available options for your case, please contact our team.
Professional training centers are also welcome to inquire about collaboration possibilities.

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