7th Congress of FUE Europe, Malaga - Spain 2018

7th Congress of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe in Malaga, Spain 2018

After the outstanding success of the 6th edition of the International Convention of FUE Europe in Ankara - Turkey, we invite all interested participants to join our next edition in Malaga - Spain, between April 26 and 28, 2018.

Event Program & Speakers

25.04 Arrival, Meet & Greet the Crowd
26.04 Day 1 Basics
27.04 Day 2 Expert Round-Up
28.04 Day 3 Workshops
29.04 Departure


26.04 Day 1, 9.00 am - Basics

Panel: Dr. Heitmann, Dr. Oztan, Dr. Shahmalak, Dr. Meyer, Dr. Insalaco

Basics of Trichology: Anatomy& Physiology of Hair - Dr. Teresa Meyer
Hair Loss Overview - Dr. Antonio J. Alcaide
Hair Transplant Consultation - Dr. Christian Bisanga
Overview of Medical Therapy - Dr. Ezequiel Panno
Dermoscopy/Hair Density & Hair Quality in Hair Transplant Consultation - Dr. Teresa Meyer
Pre-Operative Evaluation of Hair Surgery, Management of Risk Factors and Hemodynamic Complications - Dr. Elif Kuzgun
Introduction to Proper FUE Techniques: tools, Approach and Depth Control - Dr. Flavia Barsali
Female hair loss, work-up and treatment - Dr. Gorana Kuka
Donor Area Compartmentalization as a Safe Harvesting Protocol - Dr. John Cole
Ergonomics of FUE - Dr. Alexandros Seiadatan
FUE Extractions Techniques (Manual, Motorized and Robot) Pros and Cons - Dr. Lars Heitmann
Painless Technique for Local Anesthesia Ring Block and Nerve Block - Dr. Shadi Zari

Q&A session 
Coffee Break 

Panel: Dr. Cole, Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Calixtho, Dr. Lupanzula, Dr. Alcaide

Donor Area Management, Patient Age and Donor Quality - Dr. Christian Bisanga
Hairline Design (Artistry) - Dr. Özgür Öztan
Recipient Area Planning and Illusion of Density - Dr. Antonio J. Alcaide
Grafts Storage Solution Overview - Dr. Asim Shahmalak
Graft Placing Options - Dr. Chiara Insalaco
Handling and Placing FUE Grafts - Dr. Carlos Calixto
FUE Complications and Management - Dr. Vekris
Quality Control in FUE - Dr. Emorane Lupanzula
Punch Options and FUE Tools - Dr. Otavio Boaventura


Q&A session 
Lunch Break 

Panel: Dr. Karadeniz, Dr. Muresanu, Dr. Seiadatan, Dr. Barsali, Dr. Kuzgun

Controlling Transection Rates - Dr. Emre Karadeniz
Total Possible Extraction and Donor Limit in FUE - Dr. Chiara Insalaco
Strategies to Optimize Donor Supply in FUE - Dr. Emorane Lupanzula
FUE Mega session When and How - Dr. Ozgur Oztan
Three-Movement Forceps Extraction - Dr. Emre Karadeniz
Challenges for a Clinic to Switch from FUT to FUE - Dr. Sever Muresanu


Q&A session 
Coffee Break 

Panel: Dr. Azar, Dr. Boaventura, Dr. Cole, Dr. Meyer, Sig.ra Lardi

Body Hair Transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction: My Experience With 122 Patients - Dr. Umar Sanusi
Sites Incisions Technics (Lateral, Sagittal) and Tools - Dr. John Cole
Importance of Magnification & Types thereof - Dr. Asim Shahmalak
Post-Operative Care Tips from the Dermatologist - Dr. Teresa Meyer
Do We Need Guidelines for the Ethical Practice of Hair Transplant Surgery? - Reza Azar, MD
Non-Surgical Options: Laser, Mesotherapy, Dermroller, PRP - Dr. Flavia Barsali
SMP: Semi Permanent Option, Si.gra. Milena Lardi
SMP: Permanent Option, Si.gra. Dawn Farshaw

27.04 Day 2, 7.45 am - Specialty topics


Panel: Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Alves, Dr. Vano, Dr. Serrano, Dr. Meyer

Standardization of Terminology Used in FUE - Dr. Christian Bisanga
Diet and Hair: What is the Role of the Micronutrients in Hair Growth - Dr. Mariana Alves
Miniaturization in Donor Area - Dr. Teresa Meyer
Managing Procedure Alone Using Forceps - Dr. Lars Heitmann
Unshaven Long FUE - Dr. Otavio Boaventura
Stick and Place Techniques - Dr. Carlos Calixto
Utility of Dermoscopy and Trichogram - Prof. Cristina Serrano-Falcón
Where to Place Each Type of Graft on A Scalp After Harvesting - Dr. Emorane Lupanzula
Minimizing Injury to the Donor Area in FUE Harvesting - Dr. Georgios Zontos
Guidelines for safe zone donor in FUE - Dr. Sanusi Umar
New Medical Treatment for AGA - Dr. Sergio Vano


Q&A session 
Coffee Break 

Cell Biology Session 
Panel: Dr. Cole, Dr. Welter, Dr. Gentile, Dr. Kuka, Dr. Trivisonno


Follicular Unit Anatomy and Anchoring Attachments and Role of Outer Root Sheath - Dr. John Cole
Cell Biology of Hair - A Review of Our Current Understanding of Bio-Cellular interactions of the Hair Follicle - Dr. Ryan Welter
The evolving role of adipose derived tissue in treating different types of alopecia - Dr. Gorana Kuka
Cell Therapy for Hair Growth - Dr. Angelo Trivisonno
The effect of Micrograft obtained by human follicle and PRP in Andrdrogenetic Alopecia - Dr. Pietro Gentile
PRP in MPB: Myth Or Reality - Dr. Chiara insalaco
To Activate Or Not to Activate PRP for MPB and How-to - Dr. John Cole
Hair Loss and Regenerative Medicine - Cell Directed Therapies Are Changing the Way We Treat Everything - including Hair Loss - Dr. Ryan Welter


Q&A session 
Lunch Break 


Panel : Dr. Zontos, Dr. Caicedo, Dr. Ginouves, Dr. Umar, Dr. Insalaco


Hair Mass index and Coverage Value - Dr. Chiara Insalaco
Motorized Versus Manual FUE. A Comparison Study in 30 Patients - Dr. Georgios Zontos
Simultaneous Implantation and Harvesting - Dr. Laura Caicedo
Experienced with Robot-Assisted FUE - Dr. Philippe Ginouves
Stubborn Afro-Hair FUE - Dr. Sanusi Umar 
Zero-T Punch - Dr. John Cole
The Intelligent Punch and New FUE  instruments New FUE  instruments ( smart rotary punches and non rotary , ultrasonic FUE) - Dr. Sanusi Umar 


Q&A session 
Coffee Break 


Repair session & Body Hair Transplant
Panel : Dr. Umar, Dr. Cole, Dr. Ramiro, Dr. Epstein, Dr. Oztan, Dr. Popescu

Hairline Design Flaws and How to Correct it - Dr. Christian Bisanga
Body Hair Transplant Overview, indications and Complications at Extractions Sites - Dr. Sanusi Umar
Cannula Anesthesia for Chest Harvesting - Dr. Ramiro Yane Mana
Eyebrows and Eyelashes Transplant How to Do it Properly - Dr. Jeffrey Epstein
Anatomy of the Neck Region and Potential Complications of Beard Hair Transplant - Dr. Elif Kuzgun
Beard Hair Transplant - Dr. Özgür Öztan
Alternative Body Hair Sources and Extreme Repair Cases - Dr. Sanusi Umar
Working with Burn Victims. The Collective Club Disaster - Dr. Felix Popescu

Q&A session 


Gala Dinner


28.04 Day 3, 10.00 am - Workshops

Practical in-clinic workshops, surgeries in 4 operating rooms at  at HOSPITAL Dr. GÁLVEZ



Participants are free to choose the accommodation option that suits their needs best.
There are various hotels and accommodation venues available, close to the venue. The costs with travel and accommodation are not included in the entry fee. Contact your travel operator to arrange your stay in Malaga. 


The event is hosted at nh Hotel Malaga.
The hotel is located conveniently in the city with direct access to the train to airport.
The Congress begins at 8.30 am on April 26th.
The closing of the event and the Gala Dinner take place on Saturday, April 28th, after the clinical workshops.


nh Hotel Malaga 
Calle San Jacinto, no 2
29007 Malaga 



Registrations for the 7th Congress of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe in Malaga, Spain 2018 are open. Click here to go to the registration website


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