6th FUE EUROPE Congress

The 6th Congress of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe will take place in Ankara - Turkey, between May 18 and May 21, 2017.
The yearly event is organized under the auspices of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe in partnership with the reputable Hairline Clinic Ankara.

Together with Dr. John Cole the event offers revolutionary news such as the first turbo implanter or the practical use of stem cell-promoted regeneration of hair cells.
Many other lectures and workshops performed by recognized specialists highlight the basics and innovations in hair transplantation with real practical benefits.
The Marriott Hotel leaves no wish unfulfilled and allows you a pleasant stay in modern and ancient Ankara.
A lively city, where there are many beautiful things to discover.
Open, friendly people, a lot of cultural offers many experiences for exciting days, until the colorful night live of Ankara takes over with many cafes, bars and restaurants.
We look forward to meet you in Ankara.

Invitation from Dr. J. P. Cole to the FUE Europe Meeting - Ankara 2017

Event highlights

Non-shaved FUE - transplant of long hair is a new and in-demand topic from both beginners and versed professionals in the hair restoration field. With this occasion, participants will be able to register for special hands-on workshops, in which they can see and experience firsthand how the procedure evolves, as shown by some of the best and finest hands in the field of Trichology.

A new highlight of the event, a première for FUE Europe, is the inclusion in the program of the topic "Working bodies donated for scientific purposes", which offers the chance to all beginners in the field of hair transplant - and not only - to discover new insights into the anatomy of the scalp skin, cranium, underlying nerves and more.
Beard and body hairs will also be some of the explored topics.

Apart from the above topics, participants can register for other workshops in which all aspects of hair transplant, from consultations to planning, hairline design, extraction and implantation, take place.
The event presents interesting opportunities for both veteran and beginner practitioners in the field of hair restoration, as well as medical industry representatives.

Gratitude to our sponsors

We wish to thank especially to our sponsors that made the Ankara 2017 event a true success:
HLC Clinic Ankara, Turkey - supplies & instruments
CHOI Instruments, Korea  - supplies & instruments
Ertip Medical, Istanbul, Turkey - supplies & equipment
Cole Instruments, US - instruments & equipment
If you are interested in sponsoring our future events, please contact our team for more details.

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