5th Annual FUE EUROPE Congress Brussels 2016

Brussels 2016

First-off let me start with how pleased we all are about the amazing organization of this year's FUE Europe event, hosted by the prestigious hair transplant clinic BHR, under Dr. Christian Bisanga's management. Secondly, compliments and thanks for the impeccable and flawless organization of practical workshops, provided by the co-host clinic MyWHTC of Dr. Patrick Mwamba and his professional team, as well as to the people behind the scenes that help us run the event, Tanniar Leba & his great team.

This year's edition of the FUE Europe society was by far one of the most ample and attractive FUE hair transplant specialized events that take place in Europe. More than 140 guests enjoyed practical workshops in which they could study hand-on approach of various procedures that are required in order to offer the patient excellent esthetically-pleasing and long-lasting results.

From patient consultation, to hair line design, anesthesia techniques, punch sizes, extraction sites, scalp pathology to micro-pigmentation and patient after-care, these topics were addressed by some of the finest surgeons in the hair transplant field.

Participants from as far as Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Brazil, US, Korea, Tunisia, joined us to this year’s event and left with a wealth of information that contributes to the furthering of their professional development.

The FUE Europe Society is a non-profit organization. At the request of many of the guests, our society introduced the option of adopting a basic membership form, titled Acknowledged Members.

Members can join the FUE Europe society at any time, however during this type of events, the members have the possibility to apply for membership for a reduced fee, from 400 euro to just 300 euro. The yearly contribution during the event fee paid by our members if used by the society to facilitate the organization of similar event.

To learn more about the membership benefits and how to apply, simply contact us at pr@fue-europe.org.

Details of the presentations will soon be published on our site and made available to all registered FUE Europe Members.

On behalf of the FUE Europe Board, thank you again to all participants, organizers, logistic & media staff for this amazing experience.
We hope to see you all again in May 2017, at the next International Meeting Ankara – Turkey.



Interview with the President of FUE Europe Society

Interview with the President of FUE Europe Society Dr. Lars Heitmann on location - Brussels 2016


Brussels 2016 - Image Gallery

Several images with the participants from Brussels 2016


Special thanks to our sponsors

We wish to thank especially to BHR Clinic as well as MyWHTC Clinic, Brussels, for the impeccable organization of the practical workshops, to Tanniar Leba & his Team and to our sponsors:
Ellis instruments, USA - supplies & instruments
Dalton Medical, Netherlands - European Representatives of Restoration Robotics US
Restoration Robotics US, makers of Artas Harvesting Studio
ScharfMed, Turkey - supplies & instruments
LeadM Corp, Korea - supplies & instruments
Zavimed, Netherlands - supplies & equipment
Cole Instruments, US - instruments & equipment

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