Ankara 2017 - Event Highlights

In the past decades the field of cosmetic surgery and especially the field of hair transplant, underwent significant changes, both in applied methods and in the level of expectations from the patients themselves.
The improvement of the methods technologically available nowadays does not necessarily guarantee the fact the results one desires will be achieved.
Instruments and techniques alone are merely means to an end, while expertise and skills are essential in order to provide the best possible results.
This year's edition was rich in all aspects. Participants from Lebanon, Alger, Tunis, Morocco, Iraq, Brazil, Korea, India, US, European countries enjoyed a wealth of information and new topics, tailored for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Excellent hosting

The Ankara 2017 event began with practical exercises of graft extraction on cadavers, an ideal occasion to form basic skills in the FUE technique.
Our hosts, the team of HLC Clinic Ankara under the management of the lead surgeon Dr. Özgür Öztan, excelled in the organization of the event, up to the smallest details. We would like to extend or gratitude for their invaluable co-operation to the Dept. of Anatomy of the Ankara University, represented by Prof. Ali and Tülin Esmer.
The theoretical courses approached topics like anatomy, subdermal cranial nerves, nerve blocks, veins and ring anesthesia.
The practical courses were presented by Dr. Özgür Öztan, Prof. Dr. Ali Esmer, Prof. Dr. Tülin Esmer, Dr. Gokhan Akin, Dr. Elif Cetinkanat, Dr. Ozerk Demiralp and Dr. Ahmet Berk.
We also wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the members of the faculty Dr. Chiara Insalaco, Dr. Pietro Gentile, Dr. Angelo Trivisonno, Dr. Carlos Calixto, Dr. Ryan Welter, Dr. Otavio Boaventura and Dr. Asim Shahmalak.

The same day the Live Surgery Workshops for beginners continued at the HLC Clinic where Dr. Özgür Öztan along with Dr. Gokhan Akin presented the manual FUE technique.
Dr. Otavio Boaventura and Dr. Carlos Calixto from Brazil showcased long hair FUE.



In the following congress days, a tightly knit program provided information on many important interesting topics, followed by extensive discussions.


Friday's program was charged with news from various interesting topics, varying from procedural aspects of FUE such as donor area assessment, dermoscopy, manual and powered sharp dissection, long hair FUE, beard hair transplant, approach to ethnic variations in FUE, implanters, to novel therapies such as stem cell and PRP.



Prominent speakers


Dr. J. P. Cole shared his in-depth multifaceted knowledge with the audience on the topics of Determining the recipient surface area, Donor analysis, Punch options, WAW dissection in FUE, The ideal holding solution, Platelet Lysate or Cytokine Rich Plasma, Acell and follicle regeneration, Combining microparticles with stem cells, growth factors and extracellular matrix, Cross sectional trichometry (in coop. with Dr. Chiara Insalaco)


Dr. Christian Bisanga presented the topic of Patient age, donor quality and how these impact the design


Dr. Özgür Öztan shared his experience on the subjects of the 'Stick & Place' technique, and Experiences with beard hair transplant


Dr. Patrick Mwamba presented his experiences with Alternative body hair sources



Dr. Elif Cetinkanat lectured about the Risks and complications in FUE


Dr. Chiara Insalaco shared the findings of the joint study with Dr. Cole on the Comparison of PRP activation - gluconate vs. sonication and about Safe donor area and how this relates to age


Dr. Carlos Calixto presented his findings about Powered sharp dissection in FUE


Dr. Ryan Welter, one of the newest guests on the FUE Europe's speakers lists, presented his experience with Cellular therapy for hair loss


Also, this year's event featured new speakers from Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

Dr. Pietro Gentile presented the topic of Evaluation of Non-activated PRP and the role of growth factors and cytokine concentrations obtained by different collection systems. His second presentation was about the Comparison of follicle stem cell injections and placebo injections for the treatment of alopecia androgenetica, complemented one day later with a practical workshop where fat was extracted from two donor sites, processed and injected into the scalp skin, subdermally.

Dr. Angelo Trivisonno approached the subject of Cellular therapy for hair growth.

Dr. Alcaide Antonio lectured on the topic of Dermoscopy.

Dr. Teresa Meyer Gonzalez talked about FFA - Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Dr. Otavio Boaventura spoke about Long hair FUE.

Dr. Asim Shahmalak presented his topics about Transitioning from FUT to FUE and about When not to operate.

Dr. Shardi Zari's presentation touched the sensitive topic of Local anesthesia in FUE.

Mrs. Milena Lardi introduced the audience to the topic of Temporary tricopigmentation as a complement and alternative to hair transplant.

Dr. Gökhan Akin spoke about Manual FUE and Hair line design.

Dr. Lars Heitmann shared his experiences about Managing an FUE procedure alone, with forceps.
Dr. Heitmann is one of the very few fully qualified FUE practitioners in the world that conducts surgery autonomously, completely unassisted.

Dr. Kyuho Lee from Korea presented the topic of Approach to ethnic variations in FUE.



Saturday's program was charged with practical workshops, at HLC Clinic.
The audience could navigate through 5 live surgeries, by rotating the groups.
Several highlights of the workshops:

Dr. Öztan presented his beard hair transplantation technique

Dr. Cole, Dr. Shamalak and Dr. Calixto presented topics like power and manual sharp harvesting, WAW harvesting, implantation with implanters, MPCID & PCID devices.

Dr. Heitmann's workshop was titled FUE without assistance.

Milena Lardi's workshop presented tricopigmentation.

Dr. Christian Bisanga and Dr. Patrick Mwamba presented the workshop Manual Sharp Dissection.

Dr. Angelo Trivisonno's workshop was about adipose enriched peri-follicular stem cell harvesting and injection.

Dr. Pietro Gentile held the workshop Preparation and injection of follicle stem cells and PRP.



FUE Europe Awards

The Saturday's night Gala dinner was an excellent occasion to pay tribute to some of the most prolific members of the organization, and for the official announcements regarding the change of the organization's structure.

The award for Outstanding Contributions to FUE Europe was received by Dr. Özgür Öztan.

The Special Award for Medical Science was received by the Department of anatomy of the Ankara university, represented by Prof. Dr. Ali Emser and Tülin Esmer.

For his 19 years dedicated to FUE, the award for Outstanding professional achievements was received by Dr. Lars Heitmann.

The award for excellency in Clinical Research was received by Dr. John P. Cole.

The award for Ambassador of FUE was received by Dr. Patrick Mwamba.

The award for Special Contributions to FUE Europe was received by Dr. Ludger Mentrup.

In terms of changes, Dr. Chris Bisanga was elected President of FUE Europe, replacing Dr. Lars Heitmann.
Dr. Heitmann continues to contribute to the organization in the position of Vice President, together with V.P. Dr. Reza Azar.

Moreover, we welcome the addition of 3 new valuable members.
Dr. John Cole joins the organization as Director Clinical Research.
Dr. Özgür Öztan joins FUE Europe as Director for the EuroAsia region.
Dr. Asim Shamalak joins FUE Europe as Director for the UK & Northern Europe region.


The 4th day of the Congress was dedicated to panel discussions and Q&A section. During this sessions participants got the chance to approach the speakers with various questions and get answers from the finest professionals in the FUE field.



We wish to thank our sponsors for making this event possible:

Ertip medical, Cole instruments and CHOIS Instruments.

The purpose of our organization is to help the professionals interested in self-improvement, gain access to the latest developments in the field of hair transplant.
On behalf of the FUE Europe organization, we express our gratitude to the organizers, participants, members of faculty and sponsors for their contribution to this amazing event.
As we say Good Bye to Ankara, we look forward to the 2018's event, that will take place in Malaga, Spain.

See you there!


Director – FUE Europe

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