Malaga 2018 - Event Highlights

The annual FUE Europe conference in Malaga, Spain was another big step forward establishing FUE Europe as a leading organization, in the world of hair transplant.

Well organized, most interesting presentations by outstanding speakers, and live surgeries being performed in front of the audience, were just a few of the fascinating highlights of this event. A memorable gala dinner in an exclusive place ensured the perfect closing for this annual event organized under the auspices of FUE Europe, in co-operation with BHR Clinic Spain. Details...


Manchester 2019

The next edition of the annual FUE Europe meeting will take place in Manchester, UK, June 6 – 9 2019 in collaboration with the renowned Crown Clinic, under the management of Dr. Asim Shahmalak. Details...



2018 Upcoming Events

Those that missed the Malaga convention can now register for the secondary event that will take place in Ankara, Turkey, November 23 – 24.
Dubbed “Experience the first real full Hands-On Workshop”, this will be the first workshop with a hands-on course, hosted by Dr. Ozgur Oztan and his team at HLC Clinic Ankara.
The participants will have the chance to experience and participate in the flow of the complete procedure.


We thank all participants, sponsors, organizers and affiliated agencies for the tremendous support and efforts in ensuring the success of such an event.

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