Conflict Mediation

FUE Europe as International Organization caters to the specific needs of both sides of the isle, industry partners as well as patient rights. Acting as neutral broker in a conflict is essential in helping solve major differences that arise between parties.

FUE Europe offers two types of conflict mediation services:
Conflict mediation services for industry partners – Business-to-Business, structured specifically for the relations between companies
Conflict mediation services for Business-to-Consumer cases, suitable for patient – clinic situations
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Information request

FUE Europe has an international reach amongst its members. The organization has the obligation to inform its members upon their written request about the pending litigations, their status and their outcome.

If you wish to inquire about an ongoing conflict mediation case, please fill-in the form below.


Please note that this service is charged with a donation fee towards the organization of 20 euro for members of FUE Europe and 50 euro for non-members. The fees apply only if there is a positive report.

If there result of your inquiry is negative, no fees are charged.

If there are any pending litigations about the party you inquire, you receive by e-mail a brief overview that contains information in restricted format.


The report states only whether there is an open case filed with the mediation board of FUE Europe, its current stage, whether the parties have reached a settlement agreement and whether the agreement has been respected in its entirety or not.

Due to privacy reasons we do not disclose the nature of the conflict, names of specific individuals, contact details of the parties or any sort of financial or practical arrangements that parties may have been agreed upon.


After you submitted the information request, you will receive further details in a separate e-mail.

In order to insure an uninterrupted flow of communication, please make sure that e-mails originating from are not filtered by your provider or spam settings. We recommend adding the domain name to your white list.


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