Professional Alliance Partner Program

The purpose of the the Professional Alliance Partner Program is to facilitate the exchange of information between medical professional organizations and to offer reciprocal benefits to their members.

Concretely, the Professional Alliance Partner Program entails the placement of reciprocal links, listing of the organization's logo under the Professional Alliance Partner Program page, sharing news about upcoming events, exchange of relevant scientific materials and publications, as well as reciprocal discounts for membership contributions.


Società Italiana di Tricologia (Italian Society of Trichology) is constituted as a scientific non-profit association, which provides medics with specialized information in the field of trichology and dermatology.

SiTri is one of the oldest European medical trichology society, and welcomes members from all over the world.

SiTri Library and Events

SiTri offers a rich selection of scientific materials, which are available to the professionals on the download library at

SiTri Events

SiTri organizes bi-annual events, located in Italy, which are attended by a large group of professionals. For current events visit



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