Hair transplant and consumer resources


On this page prospects and potential hair restoration patients can find the links to various international resources such as forums specialized in hair transplant and reconstructive aesthetic trichologic surgery, sorted by country.


Job openings features various job openings, from both clinical  as well as non-clinical segments.
The resources and content are provided by external partners.
On, any legally established clinic can post their listing for a job opening and professionals looking for a job can in turn post their job requests.
Click here to visit this web site with job openings in the field of hair transplant.



Consumer & Professional Forums

The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe is not directly involved with the forums that have granted the status of Professional Media Partner; this is indicated by the PMP logo next to the name of the featured entity. The affiliation with the consumer forums is limited to the exchange of media materials and information that is regarded as useful to the general public.

Other forums listed below are presented as general public information. - France - UK - Germany - Spain - Italy - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Spain - Spain - Sweden - USA - USA - USA - USA - USA