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Dr. Dr. Antonio J. Alcaide Martín

Dr. Antonio Alcaide is the Medical Director of BHR Clinic Spain. He got his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Málaga (1998-2005), where he graduated with one of the best academic records. His expertise in Trichology and Hair Transplant, has been done in ​​one of the most prestigious clinics of Hair Transplant in the world, BHR Clinic in Brussels, under the supervision of Dr. Christian Bisanga. In 2012, Dr. Alcaide joined to BHR Clinic,Spain, and he is in charge (with Dr. Teresa Meyer) of the “Hair Diseases and Hair Transplant Unit” in Hospital Doctor Galvez in Málaga, where he is dedicated to the study and treatment of all different types of alopecia, and he performs hair transplant surgery using both techniques FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (strip), with a high degree of excellence.
Dr. Antonio J. Alcaide Martín is a member of FUE Europe.

Lead surgeon Dr. Antonio J. Alcaide Martín
Located in Malaga, Spain

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