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Dr. Laura María Caicedo Albarello

Dr. Laura María Caicedo Albarello is the Medical Director of Instituto MEDEC located in Spain.
Physician and Surgeon General of the School of Medicine Juan N. Corpas Bogotá-Colombia and Postgraduate in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
With several years of experience in aesthetic medicine in Spain and with extensive experience in capillary micrografts using the Fuss as well as FUE technique, Dr. Albarello is one of the newest hair transplant talents in Spain.
She is also a trainer of practical training (Aesthetic Medicine, Trichology and Hair Implantology) Mississipi Foundation at the University of Alcalá and associate professor with a Master in Trichology and Implantology from the same institution.
Dr. Albarello is a member of FUE Europe.

Located in Spain

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