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Dr. Maciej Borejsza

Dr. Maciej Borejsza is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lublin - Poland and is a member of Silesian Chamber of Physicians.
One of his main interests is hair transplantation, currently using FUE.
He earned a lot of theoretical as well as practical experience at the side of Dr. Jerzy Kolasinski, one of the first surgeons to perform hair transplantation in Poland.
Dr. Maciej Borejsza completed hair transplantation course at Klinika KolasiƄski Hair Clinic Poznan and transplants hair with FUE as well as BHT method, alongside treatments with platelet rich plasma (Angel system) and needle mesotherapy.
He was the first in Poland to treat a patient with alopecia aerata with mesenchymal stem cells using LIPOGMES system.
Dr. Maciej Borejsza is a member of FUE Europe.

MD Medmix Clinic
Lead surgeon Dr. Maciej Borejsza
Located in Bielsko-Biala, Poland

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