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Med.Assist. Ioanna Petropoulou

Ioanna Petropoulou is a technical assistant in the field of hair transplant with experience in SMP Tricopigmentation, active in Rasta, Akershus, Norway.
Ioanna has been working in the hair transplantation industry for more than 10 years. She started working in a international clinic in Greece and since then she has worked all over the world with prestigious surgeons in England, Ireland, Rome,Paris and even in India. The last years Ioanna has specialized in Scandinavian type of hair in transplantation, in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Amongst her professional collaborations, she performed with Legepraksis Nåværende, Apollo Klinikken, Poseidon HÅRKLINIK, DR. MAHAIRA-DR.KAROUTIS, Ailesbury Clinic.
Med.Assist. Ioanna Petropoulou is a member of FUE Europe.

Located in Rasta, Norway

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