Organizational modifications


The 6th Edition of the International FUE Europe Organization held in Ankara 2017, set a new standard for quality of the educational materials and procedures as well as for the standards of the expectations of the attendees.
The event was, without using excessive superlatives, an astounding success.
In terms of internal administration, we are pleased to thank dr. Lars Heitmann - Frm. FUE Europe President, for his contributions to the organization. Dr. Heitmann will assist the organization as Vice president, alongside dr. Reza Azar.
We welcome dr. Christian Bisanga as acting President of FUE Europe.
New additions to the FUE Europe are also dr. Özgür Öztan as Director FUE Europe for EuroAsia region, dr. J. P. Cole as Director Clinical Research as well as dr. Asim Shamalak as Director UK & Northern Europe.

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