Ankara 2019 – Program & Sessions

  • 2nd International Hands-On Workshop Ankara 2019


3 October: 

beginners day (optional)

• Loupe magnification training
• Procedure review and preoperative diagnosis
• Consultation with patient
• Patient Evaluation 
• Determination and calculation of donor Hair 
• Planning recipient site
• Hair line design
• Preparation of the grafts / Graft care
• Punch comparison
• (Explanaiton variety of different instruments for the extraction process via FUE and BHT)
• Postoperative care

Assistant training
• Working with magnifaction loupe
• Preparation of the grafts / Graft care
• Graft collecting
• Gaft counting, multiple, single
• Recognizing dissection-transacted grafts

4 October: 

cadaver workshop


  • Presentations of various techniques from diverse experts at hotel
  • Anatomy course & Cadaver workshop-extraction with various tools at Ankara university


5 October: 

live hands-on workshop

  • Live surgeries with various tools and diverse implantation technique

Gala Dinner 

Enyjoy the gala in a wonderful history place at Ankara castle.
Included in fee !

Some important notes 


To perform FUE you will need magnifaction loupe of at least 4x magnification. If you do not have one you can not perform surgery adequatly and you will need to purchase one on site.

Choose your session:  

Before you arrive we advise you to choose the expert/technique. You will have an extraction and implantation session. So you can choose 2 in which you will have the opportunity to perform. But during the whole course you are free to watch live every technique you wish.

Note: You can only perform surgery on the actual patient in the session you have chosen. Please display the colour of the session you have chosen on your badge. At any time you are allowed to watch other surgeries being performed.

Not allowed: video and photography of the cadavers and the surgeries on actual patients.

Choose here 1 slot of each:

Dr. Reza Azar  – eyebrow transplantation, this is a only watch session. You can join up to max 5 people any time.


We as FUE EUROPE Society stand against hair transplant performed by unlicensed technicians/assistants. 

Only a licensed medical doctor can extract the grafts and make incisions/insertion slits.

Therefore the assistants/technicians joining this course will be able to watch every procedure up close, but they can notperform the following:

Cadaver workshop

Here will be performed extraction. Only physicians are allowedto do this. Assistants/technicians can watch and ask questions.

Workshop on actual patients

Here are only physicians allowed to extract the grafts. During this session assistants can learn the structure of the graft, where and how to hold it with forceps, count the grafts, recognize transections.

During the implantation session only the physicianss make the incisions/insertion slits on the recipient area. The assistants will learn and perform the placing of the grafts in the slits/incisions.


Transfer on site is included in your fee. Your transfer from and to the airport is NOT included. If you need a transfer from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the airport you need to send your flight details to Mehmet Tükenmez
For he persons with a free add-on transfer is free. The private transfer rate is 40 Euro one way.

For attendees paying on site this can only be in cash at registration desk.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms Sinem

WhatsApp: 00 90 533 151 6537