Welcome to 2nd International Hands-On Workshop Ankara 2019

In 2018 we organised the first hands-on workshop in Ankara.

Its my great pleasure to invite again for this unique hands-on workshop, which gives beginners as well as experienced professional to learn by doing under guidance of international renowned hair transplant experts.

This year we even improved the concept and options for this workshop!

New in 2019:

Extra Beginners day !

A smart start for beginners – get the real basics before you learn the practial work. No long blabla – just get acquinted with the real important staff in the shortest time

You have to book in addition to the basic course, but we made it a real bargain for just € 100 

Extra Assistant Training !

 The training for the assistants will be tailored for her/his specific duties during hair transplantation. During extraction the assistants can learn to hold the graft and count them. During implantation phase the assistant can perform together with the doctor by placing the graft. The assistant can not make incisions.
Please contact us before booking if you have any question.

… and as the well used advantages from last year

  • small groups
  • experienced trainers
  • enough time for you to perform FUE