This is an overview of the topics and program in the Berlin meeting.
Conference Hotel is Hotel Riu Plaza Berlin

Program Pdf

16:00-21:00 	May 6 Wednesday Evening: Registration Booth Open !

May 7 Thursday Congress Center / Big room

SessionTopicModeration: Carlos Calixto
Session 1Welcome & Basic
08:00 – 08:10WelcomeÖzgür Öztan, Reza Azar
Session 1Consultation and surgical planningModeration: Lars Heitmann
Psychological aspects of alopeciaOzlem Bicer
Concept and Philosophy: Keeping hair restoration surgery minimally invasive: Why FUE?Patrick Mwamba
Why Manual Harvesting?Lars Heitmann
Why Motorised Harvesting?Kuldeep Saxena
Hair consultation and surgical planning for menMughese Amin
Hair consultation and surgical planning for womenChiara Insalaco
Female hair loss Alex Seiadatan
Effective hair loss Treatment before SurgeryPradeep Sethi
Female Hair Line DesignBijan Feriduni
Male Hair Line DesignBijan Feriduni
Concepts for Huge Bald AreasKarin Leonhardt
Mega Session vs. Multi-Stage SurgeryNN
Session 2Donor area AssessmentModeration: Pradeep Sethi
Detailed family medical history as prerequisite to sustained surgical planningChristina Sanoja
What is Safe Donor Area?Mughese Amin
Balance Between Donor Area and Recipient AreaCarlos Calixto
Avoiding Over-harvesting and Shock loss of Donor AreaPatrick Mwamba
New Sotware: Automatic Calculation of Hair Diameter Index (HDI) – Avoiding OverharvestingGeorgios Zontos
New Software: Evaluation of Donor and Recipient AreaChristina Sanoja
Using Body Hair as additional sourceÖzgür Öztan
FUT vs FUE. Total graft availabilityRana Irfan
13:30-13:30Lunch Break
Session 3Donor Harvesting – Extraction of Follicular UnitsModeration: Patrick Mwamba
Nerve block Anaesthesia in Scalp donorHabib Ullah Shah
Optimal Storage Solution and Optimal temperatureThitiwat Wirarojratchakul
Effect of Punch Size and Punch Shape on Surgical OutcomeTejinder Bhatti
Unshaven FUE – My U-FUE Classic –Patrick Mwamba
Unshaven FUE – My Experiences –Tayfun Oguzoglu
Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT)Pradeep Sethi
Four-Hands-FUEMughese Amin
Auto-Transplant on MyselfFelix Popescu
Session 4Incision and Graft implantationModeration: Tayfun Öguzoglu
Nerve block Anaesthesia in Scalp Recipient AreaHabib Ullah Shah
My Opinion about Dense PackingTejinder Bhatti
Impact of Tumescence, Incision Angels and DensityLars Heitmann
Which type of Incision is to be preferred: Sagittal or Coronal Incision?Georgios Zontos
How to achieve maximum coverage by optimization of follicle placementDimitrios Ziakas
Forceps ImplantationCarlos Calixto
Stick and PlaceÖzgür Öztan
Using ImplanterPradeep Sethi
Sharp Implanters in pre-made sites using multiple bladesThitiwat Wirarojratchakul
Direct Implantation with sharp implantersAnastasios Vekris
Automated Device for Incision and ImplantationKuldeep Saxena

May 8 Friday Congress Center / Big room

SessionTopicFaculty / Speaker
8:00-15:00Moderated Clinic Surgery Transmission
13:30-13:30Lunch Break
15:30-17:00Stem Cells and Regenerative MedicineModeration
Human Hair Regeneration or Neogeneration: Close but Yet So FarParvaneh Mohamadi /Keynote Speaker
Isolation and Expansion of Follicular Stem Cells – Cell Culture –Beren Atac-Wagegg
Injection of Follicular Stem Cells against Heir Loss : REGENERA ACTIVAReza Azar
How to isolate a ready-to-use adipose-derived stem cells pellet
for clinical application
Edoardo Raposio
PRP Procedures, Mesotherapy Products and ApplicationsKatrin Böttger
PRP Procedure and Clinical ResultsChiara Insalaco
Temporary Shedding after PRP TreatmentReza Azar
Hair Transplant with complementary PRP and Stem Cells therapiesFelix Popescu

May 8 Friday Clinic

SessionTopicFaculty / Speaker
FRIDAY 8:00-15:00Moderation: Özgur Öztan
Room 1
08:00-08:30Eyebrow Transplant: Prepoperative Preperation, shaving, AnesthesiaReza Azar
08:30-08:50Eyebrows: Begin with extraction of FU
08:50-09:30Eyebrows: Anesthesia of eyebrows, Slits and Insertion
Live switch to room 2
10:00-11:15Eyelash TransplantationReza Azar
11:55-13:30Isolation of adipose stem cellsEdoardo Raposio
Room 2Manual Hair TransplantLars Heitmann
8:00-8:30Prepoperative Preperation, Hairline Design
8:30-8:50Anesthesia, Starting extraction
Live switch to room 1
10:00 Live switch to room 1
10:50-11:15Slits and Insertion
11:15 Live switch to room 1
11:50-13:30Insertion and endig of surgery
Room 3
08:30-09:45Bodyhair transplantation: Prepoperative Preperation, shaving, AnesthesiaPatrick Mwamba
09:45-11:00Bodyhair transplantation: Extraction and Insertion
11:30-13:00Unshaven FUETayfun Öguzoglu
Room 4
08:00-12:00PRP Workshop (alternating group workshop) – NO StreamingChiara Insalaco, Katrin Böttger
LABStem Cell Isolation and Expansion – Cell Culture – NO StreamingAtac-Wagegg

May 8 Friday Congress Center / Workshop Room

SessionTopicFaculty / Speaker
Session 1Patient CommunicationBola, Ludger Mentrup
Nico, Brian
Ozlem Bicer
– Marketing Strategy
– Target groups
– Marketing Portfolio
– Handling Patients
– Problem solving
Session 2Black Market / Preparation of Presentaion on FridayLudger Mentrup
Christoph Bomke
Definition of Black Market
Patient information:
– Network of Doctors
– Social Media
– forums
Legal (just frame)
– Work law
– Advertising law
– Medical law
– Immigration law
Financing & Organisation
Cooperation with Turkey / EU / ISHRS
13:30-13:30Lunch Break
Session 3to be definedNN
End of Workshop 15:30 !

May 9 Saturday Congress Center / Big Room

SessionTopicFaculty / Speaker
Session 1Innovation & Special Forms of Hair TransplantationModeration: Carlos Calixto
Donor Evaluation and Assessment and Donor management with ke-bot and Ke-bot mobileKeynote: Koray Erdogan
Beard Hair TransplantationDimitrios Ziakas
Beard Restoration and Beard as Donor AreaAnastasios Vekris
Eyebrow TransplantationReza Azar
Eyelash TransplantationReza Azar
Body Hair TransplantationPatrick Mwamba
Session 2Hair Transplant RepairModeration: Patrick Mwamba
Is FUE moving in the wrong direction: Black Market and Repair SurgeryLudger Mentrup
Hair Transplantation: Laws and Regulations in GermanyChristoph Bomke
Hair Transplantation: Laws and Regulations in ItalyLeonardo D’Erasmo
Hair Density: balance between patient expectations and his real possibilitiesKoray Erdogan
The Most failures in Hair Restoration SurgeryTayfun Öguzoglu
My Experiences in Hair Transplant Repair
Bijan Feriduni
Failed Hair Transplants: Repair of HairlineHabib Ullah Shah
Repair of Overharvested Donor: Donor RestockingPatrick Mwamba
My Experiences with Hair Transplantation in Burn ScarHabib Ullah Shah
Hair Transplantation in Burn Scar AlopeciaMughese Amin
Graft density in Hair Reconstructive Surgery on skin grafts and scarsFelix Popescu
Stress and Wound HealingKarin Leonhardt
13:30-13:30Lunch Break
Session 3Special Dermatological TopicsModeration: Ralf Paus
Biology of Hair Follicles and their DiseasesRalf Paus
Alopecia: Evaluation and treatmentAnnika Vogt
Cicatricial Alopecia: Evaluation and TreatmentMatthew Harries
Session 4Hair Transplant
Basics of Hair TransplantReza Azar

Extra course: Stem Cell Workshop

This course will take place in clinic laboratory

This lab Hands-On Course about “Manual Isolation of Follicular Stem Cells” will be held with a small selected number of particpants . Not included in congress tickets – Please book extra !