Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Fund

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad is a world-renowned Plastic, Reconstructive & Hair Restoration Surgeon. He is respected and beloved by many. Unfortunately he caught COVID and is currently hospitalized.

Many of his friends and colleagues like Dr. Alba Reyes, Dr. Humayun Mohmand, Dr. John Cole, Dr. Mughese Amin, Dr. Craig Ziering, and more managed to organize a treatment that might save his life. The treatment needed to be delivered from the US to Pakistan. Dr. John Cole’s son Nikolas took it on him to deliver the treatment.

There are a lot of friends who want to take part in the costs involved.  That’s why we created a special fund where you can contribute – all payments will just go for this activity in particular.

We like to thank all collegues which support helping Dr. Muhammad Ahmad and his family in his desparate fight against Covid

NameAmount (EUR)
levent acar400
Juanma Andrade50
Flavia Ribeiro Mendes Barsali50
Maria Asensi Bertomeu50
Özlem Biçer100
Christian Bisanga600
Otávio Boaventura100
Scott Boden MD100
Carlos Calixto100
Richard Chaffoo100
Waqas Chaudhary50
Dr Vinay chouksey50
John Cole100
Jerry Cooley MD100
Cheryl Cox50
Harald Eberson250
Dr. Shady Elmaghraby50
Lupanzula Emorane1000
Edwin A Epstein100
Edwin S Epstein100
Koray Erdogan300
Bijan Feriduni200
John Frank100
Steven Gabel, MD100
Jorge Gaviria50
Alex Ginzburg100
HAMZA Gondal50
chiara insalaco100
Vikram Jayaprakash100
Ibrahim Jebai100
Dr Inderjit Kaur100
Hubert Lacki300
brian Macdonald150
Melvin Louis Mayer100
Li Mei200
Parsa Mohebi200
Özgür Öztan500
osman tayfun oguzoglu100
Achiamah Osei-Tutu100
Nina Otberg50
Jae Hyun Park500
Dr. Narendra Patwardhan50
Néstor Alcides Pisano100
Marina Pizarro100
michael rabin100
Alba Reyes100
Antonio Ruston100
cagatay Sezgin1000
Ronald Shapiro100
Tyng Tan200
Piero Tesauro100
Robert True100
Sanusi Umar150
Mark van Bracht100
Anastasios Vekris1000
Ryan Welter M.D. Ph.D.100
Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul50
Jerry wong100
Tsvetalin Zarev200
Bill Rassmann (to John Cole)100
John ColeFlight to Dubai, Hotel, Medication
Hubert LackiFotoFinder Leviacam with Trichoscale AI (regular price EUR 10k)

If you like to contribute please visit our donation page!