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Dr. Felix Popescu

Dr. Felix Popescu is the lead surgeon at Dr. Felix Hair Implant Clinic, located in Bucharest, Romania.
The medical team that operates under his supervision consists of professionals active also in international clinics in Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris.
The goal of this professional medical team is to bring western values to Romania, meaning, foremost, access to medical interventions of the highest quality in the country, interventions that compare in standard, medics and equipment to any clinic in the world.
One of the most outstanding achievements of Dr. Felix Popescu is the pro-bono support offered to the burnt victims of the <Colectiv Club> incident in 2015, Bucharest - Romania.
Dr. Felix Hair Implant Clinic's results provide patients with consistent quality in hair transplant. Dr. Felix Popescu is a member of FUE Europe.

Dr. Felix Hair Implant Clinic
Lead surgeon Dr. Felix Popescu
Located in Bucharest, Romania

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