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In today's world hair loss is a problem for many men as well as for many women. A full, luscious head of hair symbolizes both youth and beauty. It is therefore not surprising that for many people hair loss is an unpleasant experience, as the process is ongoing and unavoidable.
Daily confrontation with each glimpse in a mirror can negatively influence self-confidence, more so in some people, less in others. For some it can even affect the quality of life to some degree.
When this happens, we, the professionals in the field of trichological reconstructive surgery, play an important role in helping them restore not just their look, but also their self-confidence.
The naturalness of the result has top priority, and necessitates a high level of ability and many years of experience on the part of the attending physician.
At the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe, we made our goal to contribute to the education and improvement of each and every medical professional that desires to be active in field of hair transplant, as well as non-invasive techniques.
Besides this, our dedicated staff is working towards educating the public and raising awareness amongst prospects that desire to invest in high quality, long-lasting results.
On behalf of the Board of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe, we greet you all and we welcome you in joining and supporting our mission.



Dr. Christian Bisanga
President FUE Europe

Dr. Reza Azar
Vice President FUE Europe

Dr. Lars Heitmann
Vice President FUE Europe


New Member Registration

The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe, works to promote and further the professional interests of European professionals in the field of hair transplant.
Both categories of practitioners – licensed MD, as well as operational staff, technicians, assistants, are welcome to register and become a valuable FUE Europe member.
Within FUE Europe, your organization has the possibility to register multiple members of your professional staff.
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Events & Schedules

7th Congress of FUE Europe, Malaga - Spain 2018
After the outstanding success of the 6th edition of the International Convention of FUE Europe in Ankara - Turkey, we invite all interested participants to join our next edition in Malaga - Spain, between April 26 and 28, 2018.

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Minimally-invasive Hair Transplantation - Hardcover & e-Book edition 2015

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Whether you decide to specialize in body hair transplants, eye brows, beard correction, hair line design, high-density scalp coverage or scalp micropigmentation, our team can assist aspiring professionals in taking the first steps towards finding a learning venue

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To “ef you ee” or to “ef you tee”, what’s the question?
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