FUE Europe Statutes

1 Name, object and seat

The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe is an international, non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political organisation formed to improve science and education related to hair loss and FUE hair transplant. FUE Europe works altruistically; its aims are primarily non-profit. The legal seat of the Association is in Zurich in Switzerland:

The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe

c/o Pres. Dr. Lars Heitmann

Forchstrasse 186, 8032 Zürich - Schweiz


It is established as an international Association according to Swiss Association law.

2 Aim of the Association

To collect, exchange and supply information about innovative treatments of hair loss and the method of hair transplant especially. This purpose is to be answered especially by:

·Exchange and diffusion of methods, possibilities and opportunities of treatments of hair loss in general with a special focus on FUE hair transplant technology between professionals and to patients

·Advancing knowledge in the scientific disciplines relating to the methods and physiology of hair growth and hair transplant by conducting own research, supporting third parties activities and exchange with other scientists

·Supplying services, products and know-how  to professionals (especially doctors) and patients

·To act as a platform for Members co-operating

·To act as a policy maker in the benefit and interest of professionals and patients

The Association intends to reach these purposes among others as follows:

·Organization of annual meetings and further meetings as well as seminars, education programs and events;

·Publication of information material

·Membership and/or co-operation with other institutions and organizations having similar or identical purposes;

3 Membership (Admission, Language)

3.1 Types of membership

Certified Medical Members are

·medical doctors active in the field of hair loss treatment and /or hair transplant or

·registered organizations and companies active in the field of hair loss treatment and /or hair transplant, and being properly registered as a medical institution (hospital / clinic)

which have been granted membership by the President  after a professional review by the admission committee.

Non-medical members may be persons, bodies, legal entities or companies who support, in whatever form, the aims of the Association, e.g.

·persons or organizations who follow scientific activities at a research institution dedicated to the topic of research on hair and hair growth

·persons or organizations who work in other professional fields of hair loss and hair transplant

Non-medical membership is awarded by the President.

Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons, bodies, legal entitles or companies who have rendered outstanding service in the pursuit of the aims of the Association. Honorary memberships are awarded by the board.

3.2 Membership

The membership becomes active with payment of the membership fee or, in case of Honorary Membership, with the decision of the board. All members, except honorary members, are eligible to vote in the General Assembly.

The official language of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals - FUE Europe is English.

3.3 Termination of membership

Membership ends with termination, exclusion or death.

A Member can only resign with effect of the end of a calendar year. Notice of resignation must be given to the Board at least 3 months in advance. The annual subscription has to be paid for the whole calendar year.

A Member may be excluded from the Association by the Board after serious infringement of the Association Statutes such as non-fulfillment of the financial obligations or non sufficient cooperation with the goals of the association.

4 Funding, Expenses, Business year

The revenues of the Associations shall be the subscriptions of the Members, donations, subsidies, contributions and income from the Association's assets as well as revenues from its own activities.

The General Assembly shall, on the recommendation of the Board, determine the level of the annual subscriptions for all classes of Membership. The annual subscription shall be paid by the end of March of the current year.

The legitimate expenses of the association shall be borne in accordance with the annual budget.The business year of the Association shall be the calendar year.

5 Organization

The organization of the Association shall be as follows:

·General Assembly


·Standing Committees and ad-hoc working-groups if applicable

6 General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be the highest body of the Association. It shall consist of the representatives of all Members eligible to vote, other members can attend as well.

The General Assembly shall have the following responsibilities

·election and dismissal of the board members

·decisions on general policy matters of the Association

·approval of the bi-annual budget on proposal of the Board

·issue and modifications of the Statutes

·decisions of appeals against the Admission Committee

·establishing the membership fees

·dissolution of the Association

·changing of the operating seat

The General Assembly shall meet at least every second year. It shall be convened with at least six weeks notice with an indication of the venue, time and agenda.

The resolutions of the General Assembly shall be passed by a simple majority of votes.

A qualified majority of two-thirds of the votes shall be necessary for the modification of the Statutes or the dissolution of the Association.

The keeping of the minutes of the General Assembly meetings shall be the responsibility of the Secretary. The Secretary shall send the minutes to voting members not later than one month after the General Assembly meeting.

An extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly may also be convened on request of at least 20 % of the Members eligible for vote.

7 Board

The Board shall be the executive body of the Association. It shall consist of

·the President,

·the Vice-President Europe

·the Vice-President International

·the Secretary (Treasurer)

·the Communication & Industrial Relations Director

The Board shall carry out all the business of the Association which is not reserved to any other body.

The Board shall prepare the meetings of the General Assembly and formulate its proposals to all items of the agenda.

7.1 President

The President shall be responsible for representing the Association, chairing the Board and co-ordinating the activities of the different bodies of the Association. He/she shall be entitled to demand a report at any time from the heads of the different bodies on their activities.

The President shall have the legal signing authorization together with one other board member for the Association according to the board decisions.

7.2 Vice-Presidents

In the event of the indisposition of the President, the Vice-President shall act as his/her substitute. For the duration of the indisposition of the President, the Vice-President shall have signing authorization together with one other board member for the Association according to the board decisions.

7.3 Secretary

The Secretary carries the standing orders of the Association. He/she shall be responsible to the Board. Ordinary correspondence may be dealt with directly by the Secretary.

7.4 Communication & Industrial Relations Director

The Communication Manager shall takeover contacts to press, industrial companies, members, and will be responsible for the website

8 Committees and working groups

Committees will be set up and elected by General Assembly to handle lasting issues of the Association. They are responsible to the Board. The minutes of committee meetings shall be the responsibility of the respective chairmen and shall be sent to the President, the Secretary, and the Board Members.

Member of Committees shall be elected for a 2-year term. Re-election shall be possible.

Admission committee: Within 2 months after foundation of FUE Europe an Admission committee will be setup to make a proposal to the President about membership applications. Members of the admission committee should be medical doctors, have a long history of own professional experience in FUE and should set-up a review system for applications of medical members.

Working-groups will be set up by the Board to handle specific temporary issues.

9 Dissolution of the Association

In the event of the dissolution of the Association by the General Assembly, the Board shall transfer the assets to a non-profit-making organization with similar aims.


Organization Board
President L. Heitmann
Vice-President Scientific R. Azar
Vice-President C. Bisanga
Secretary L. Mentrup
Treasurer A. Gad


Version: 1.1.03a
Issued 25.9.11


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