Hair transplantation has become a very effective option for covering the consequences of hair loss. In particular, new techniques such as FUE with the benefit of the eliminated linear scar at the back have contributed to the trend that hair transplantation is now becoming a widely used standard procedure.
However, in Europe and especially in the German-speaking area, still other methods are quite common. Also the new techniques of FUE creates interesting new questions. Therefore we have decided to set up a working group to promote and improve the method of FUE within Europe. 

This working group aims to:

– Exchange of methods, possibilities and opportunities of the FUE hair transplant
– Fund basic research through its own research and exchange with other scientists
– Information of patients on the method of FUE

Our goal is to get science and practice at one table in order to eventually develop practical solutions based on scientific data and facts.

The society developed well, and up to today many international workshops have been held:

  • 2022 Athens
  • 2020 Ankara
  • 2019 Manchester
  • 2018 Malaga
  • 2017 Ankara
  • 2016 Brussels
  • 2015 Prague
  • 2014 Amsterdam
  • 2012 Berlin
  • 2011 Frankfurt

Specialists in research, university, hospital and practice are welcome to participate with their academic experience in the hair follicle research and their clinical experience in this working group.

The specialization in Europe as a region should make it possible to establish a regular and close communication among members. Short distances and pragmatic approach are important to us.

Both licensed MDs as well as operational staff such as technicians, assistants, have the possibility to register and become FUE Europe professional member.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our organization